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Fishballnoodle's blog Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "fishballnoodle" journal:

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September 22nd, 2011
10:47 pm


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
I was playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn recently, and after getting the Ulysses summon tablet and seeing it in action... Ulysses is HOT. I think I'll summon him all day just to look at him... Is it just me or does Dark Dawn feel a lot easier than the previous Golden Suns? Maybe because there's a map on the top screen... I remembered getting pretty frustrated at Air's Rock, until I just gave up and looked at a walkthrough. And dammit they just had to have a bloody cliffhanger ending, don't they?

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September 5th, 2011
06:54 pm


On shoujo manga...
Recently I was thinking that I've been reading way too much gay pr0n for my own good, so I decided to see what's on offer at the other end of the spectrum.

Is it just me, or do the male leads in shoujo manga tend to be major (pretty-boy) douchebags these days? Whatever happened to the concept of a genuinely nice guy? Or are they an extinct species in this era? It's probably a set-up for further character development later on, but it kinda kills it for me when I start hating a main character only 3 chapters into the story.

And, AND! I don't know why shoujo romance female leads have to be so disgustingly wimpy, and lets the D-bag bully her and push her around, and (in the worst case) sexually harrass her. And she falls in love with D-bag 5 chapters later! when what she should be doing is stabbing his eyes out with a pencil and taking out a sexual harrassment suit against him. The whole thing just reeks of Stockholm syndrome. (same goes for a lot of yaoi manga out here too.)

Well I'm not exactly condemning the whole genre itself. Like most genres, shoujo romance has some really good works, and some really bad ones too. There have been shoujo works that I really liked (the Lovely Complex anime, for example). Not meaning to sound like the moral police here, but if you're writing for young teenage girls, it is NOT okay to tell them that it is perfectly fine for a boy to do whatever inappropriate stuff he wants to you and then let him get away with it.

Am I just getting worked up over nothing?

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August 28th, 2011
05:12 pm


Well sorry for the lack of updates, but I recently finished college (yay O_O;) so I'm now looking for a job/slacking my ass off (boo!) I was a little scared that I might be retained for a semester (because I SUCK), but thankfully after rushing through some summer classes I made it through the exams with my GPA intact!

I've also been reading a gigantic pile of Naono Bohra works. It's strange, but for someone who's into the whole oyaji-uke fetish, I haven't actually delved too much into Naono-sensei's works. Well, after reading her stuff, I have to say I really like her work and style. Some people might think there's a bit of a handicap fetish thing going on, but what I like is that at least her characters are not all flawless and picture-perfect like what's been going on in a lot of BL works. And hey, at least you could say she incorporates people from all walks of society, instead of limiting the range to pretty schoolboys and glamorous salarymen...

In other news, my country just had its presidential election. But I wasn't following it very closely (because unlike the US and some other countries, the president is largely a figurehead over here). So I just voted for the guy who pledged to donate the most of his pay to charity. If you're gonna be paid about 4m a year for not doing much, the money might as well go to better causes. Anyway, during the very long and repetitive live coverage before the votes were counted, the local news channel was doing a segment on what people were saying about the elections on twitter. Then this happened:

(caption from some guy who managed to get it in time)

I'm sure most of the population watching the broadcast were thinking the same thing anyway LOL

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July 17th, 2011
07:52 pm


An interesting conversation that took place while I was out with a bunch of my classmates:

Dude 1: *points at a dessert item in a menu* You have to try this! It's like an orgasmic explosion of flavour and juices in your mouth!

Dude 2: Wha-? Why do I want an explosion of orgasmic juices in my mouth?

After that exchange I nearly died XP

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July 6th, 2011
06:34 pm


My country's national day parade (rehearsal) and its epic fail moment

Ripping off an American pop song for an event that's supposed to inspire patriotism? Really?

So far it's only a rehearsal, but what were they thinking?!

Actually I've stopped watching the national day parade for a number of years now. If they'd stuck to the old routine, i.e. traditional military march-in and aerial displays, national day song performances, those boring formation dances etc. it might still be watchable. But now with that thrown in, it just becomes cringe-worthy. Like one of my friends put it, "They look best when they aren't trying to be cool". Heck, even having the soldiers march in half-naked would probably be a much better decision than this ><

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June 17th, 2011
04:25 pm


I don't know if I should be
1) Horrified
2) Amazed and in awe of that person who actually went through the trouble to illustrate and compile this

Well for those of you who actually went through those Yamajun scanlations I did in a moment of bad judgement, check these vids out!

(parodies of ookiku furikabutte and kimikiss pure rouge, resp.)

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June 13th, 2011
08:33 pm


Jigoku no Shisha-tachi scanlation

I think this will be the last Yamajun work I'll be translating (for the moment) :P

This story is set in WWII. It might put some people off, but I'm just being cautious here. Other than that it's pretty wtflol, and quite moving near the end. I'm not sure if I should be crying or laughing my ass off, so I ended up doing both LOL Guy on the left seems to have misunderstood what constitutes the spirit of a true Japanese man, as a number of niconico commentors put it :P

edit: thanks to pachpach and 0ok4m1 for the spelling suggestions and such. I was getting a little desperate :P

Download: 4shared link

Awesome audio dramatization here:

LOL@ BGM in the middle!! Oh and according to the credits, it's just one guy doing most of the voices, so kudos to him!

On a side note, here are some interesting comments on the video:
"Smoking cigarettes with your anus: the correct way to do it"
"..........This is the first time I've ever found a guy with a lit stick of dynamite up his ass romantic."
"Won't the people investigating this place afterwards be in a fix? (how are they gonna report a suicide bombing at a gay orgy?)"

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02:22 pm


Sometimes I wish I weren't so easily distracted...

The music and the aesthetics aren't really my thing... but damn there's an eyeful right there :P

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June 10th, 2011
06:05 pm


kyouiku jisshuusei no zecchousu scanlation

Okay... I'm on a bit of a Yamajun-translating roll here. :P Forgive me. Maybe people won't come here any more after this one LOL

This story seems to be about staying true to yourself etc. Except it does it in a very strange way.

Download: 4shared link

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June 8th, 2011
02:05 am


My order came through!! I am now the very happy owner of copies of Uho!! Ii otoko-tachi 1 and 2 :D It even came with a cloth thingy (not sure what it's for) with panels and dialogue from KusoMiso and others screen-printed all over it!! LOL I might just wear it as a bandana to the next cosfest :P I was slightly worried because I came home to find the box half-opened. The rest of the packaging was untouched though. So either the people at customs or my parents can't read a word of Japanese (not even the rather obvious "restricted 18 and above" label on the books).

I guess I need to stop with the compulsive comic buying (blew more than 300 bucks on all the Fables volumes not too long ago) to let my bank account recover to its normal levels T_T

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